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Online Autism Educator Academy

Online Autism Educator Academy

Our Online Autism Educators Academy features over 40 work at your own pace workshops for teachers, paras, and administrators. Our workshops include evidence based practices, classroom programing, and applied behavior analysis strategies.

Link to FBA consultation training model

FBA Consultation-Training Model

This model is a systematic plan, rolled out in phases that allows school personnel to become experts in conducting FBA’s. A BCBA/Autism Resource Specialist will walk through each step of the model with your staff and will support them through the process with virtual check-in’s, fidelity checks, support for questions and troubleshooting and the implementation process.

In-person Trainings and Customized Professional Development

In-person Trainings & Professional Development

Project ACCESS offers in-person trainings that can be customized to fit the needs of your teams. We offer trainings on the basic characteristics of Autism, Evidence Based Practices, and other behavior and social skills strategies. 


Project ACCESS Autism Credential

Project ACCESS Autism Pathways training

Autism Pathways training is a highly flexible training program that allows participants to select the learning modules that suit their needs.  Built in are three credentialling levels that can be acheived as modules are completed.  The program can culminate in a Project ACCESS Autism Coach designation, the highest that we offer. Click for features and benefits.

Autism SPED Eligibility Team Training

Autism SPED Eligibility Team Training

The Missouri State plan specifies that multidisciplinary teams who are making elegibilty determinations for special education under the category of autism need at least one member with expertise in autism.  This training provides the foundational information that this team member needs to serve in that role (formerly fullfilled by IDACs).

Transcripted Grad Certificate in Autism

transcripted Grad Certificate in Autism

Many educators are interested in meeting higher education goals and aggregating graduate college hours that will move them higher on district pay schedules. Many Project ACCESS learning modules are available for graduate credit. If this interest you, and would like to earn a transcripted twelve hour Graduate Certificate in Autism, follow this link to learn more.

Special Events and Featured Speakers

Special Events and Guest Speakers

Project ACCESS hosts special events and state or national speakers in Missouri from time to time. These are often presentations we have been fortunate to attend that have something special that we all want to bring to all Missouri educators. This link will show you what we have planned for this school year.