Project ACCESS Services

Project ACCESS serves Missouri Public schools by conducting student specific consultations, classroom structure, and program development.



We offer a wide range of consultation services. including Child Specific Consultations, Planning, setting up, and evaluating district or building autism programs and, Structuring classrooms and arranging educational supports

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Find an in district Autism Consultant

Need help in your district? We have trained Autism Consultants around the state. Find one here! 

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Find an ABA provider In your area

This is a map to help you find an ABA provider in your area! 

Link to Autism Helpline


The Autism Helpline is a web-based community portal designed to be an avenue for submitting questions about challenging school and classroom situations that you need advice regarding or for which you are able to offer advice. Create an account to get started!


The Autism Educator Network convenes twice a year for networking and learning.  This is a venue for sharing, staying up to date, and collaborating.

APERS Link (Autism Program Environment Rating Scale)

AUTISM Program Consultation using the APERS

APERS stands for Autism Program Environment Rating Scale.  The APERS a research validated tool that helps identify what your school is doing well and where improvements might be made using targeted professional development.