Consultations by Project ACCESS

Project ACCESS continues to provide autism specific consultations to school districts in Missouri. We offer consultations in two different models. Consultations are based on a districts specific needs. 

What type of consultations are offered?

Project ACCESS offers in-person consultations which includes a Project ACCESS Autism Resource Specialist/BCBA coming to your district and working with staff. The consultation process may need to be completed in multiple phases/visits. Project ACCESS also has a new form of consultation, e-consulting. This new model allows Project ACCESS Autism Resource Specialist/BCBA to consult with schools virtually and complete many of the consultation phases utilizing the zoom platform. Consultations request could address but are not limited to the following:

  • Autism program evaluation and planning  
  • Specific classroom needs/interventions
  • Utilizing evidence based practices
  • Behavioral challenges (see our FBA consult and training model under services)

How much does it cost?

Project ACCESS charges $200.00 for in-person half- day consult visits and $450.00 for in-person full day consult visits. Mileage and necessary travel expenses may be an additional fee. The virtual components of the consultation process are free.

What does the process look like?

School districts interested in a consultation will fill out a consultation request form to begin the process. Project ACCESS staff will review the form and contact the school to create a plan based on the districts needs. The district and Project ACCESS staff will decide which consulting model best fist the district and begin the consulting process. 

Disclaimer: consult services will be on a first come first serve basis with potential for a wait list if the number of requests exceed staff abilities.

How do I start a consultation request?

To begin the consultation request process, click on the button below:

Request a consultation

If you prefer, you may call Project ACCESS at 417-836-6657 or toll-free at 866-481-3841.