Classroom Resources (like a popular website, but here teachers share for free)

Project ACCESS has placed the links below to resources that are samples shared for instructional purposes for school staff participating in Project ACCESS professional development.  Adapting/modifying for your own classroom use with your own students is something we discuss in the professional development workshops we present that these resources support.  Access to them here is granted with the explicit restriction prohibiting viewers from offering them for sale or publicly posting them elsewhere.  Please contact us at for more detailed information about using them in your own work in schools. 



Do you have a great resource that you have created that you would like to share?  If you agree to the Creative Commons Sharealike Noncommercial copyright and are willing to share it according to our resource sharing policy, you may use this Project ACCESS respource sharing upload link to share it with us.  We can only accept certain file types and certain sizes (this is detailed in the upload form and in the sharing policy).  After you submit, we will review and if your item is posted, we will send you an email advising you so.  Submission of an item is considered acknowledgement and acceptance of the sharing policy linked above. Thanks for considering sharing with your colleagues!