Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative (MAGI)

MAGI GuideThe Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative (MAGI) has devoted considerable effort to creating an overview of evidence based interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorders based on six recent nationally recognized systematic research reviews. The resulting guidelines have identified 36 "Effective ASD Behavioral Interventions" that are evidence based. You can find out more about the MAGI by visiting the Missouri Department of Mental Health MAGI website. A video overview of the Guidelines that includes comments from Missouri clinicians directly involved in this consensus publication is now available on YouTube.

MAGI print materials can be downloaded free of charge. Click the following links to download documents in PDF format:

In addition to the Guide to Evidence-based Interventions, these additional documents are available for download:

These three overviews accompany the companion guide:

Links to download all of the above are available at the following link:   MAGI