Download our Promotional Flash Drive Content

Visit us at our booth at select Autism conferences around the state or attend a select training to receive a complimentary 8 GB flash drive chock full of information about Project ACCESS (and other goodies).  If you miss us, you can download the promotional content and view it on your computer.  Simply click on the button below to download the file. Once downloaded, double click or tap on it to extract it.  Your web browser may warn you that the file is a downloaded file and that it's safety cannot be assured.  To view the content you will have to override this warning if you see it (the content is safe to extract and view, it simply does not come from a commercial provider).  The file will extract itself to a folder named "Promo" in the same location as the downloaded file.  If you are on a windows computer, you can double click the autorun.exe file inside this folder to launch a handy menu for browsing the flash drive content.  If you are on another device (Mac, Linux, or mobile device) you can bring up a menu by opening the menu.html file (which opens in your web browser).