Project ACCESS Mission Statement

Project ACCESS' mission is to increase local capacity to serve youngsters ages 0-21 years who experience Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related disabilities and who are attending Missouri public schools. We do this through: (1) providing resource information to public schools in the form of on-site and telephone consultations as well as support via digital and electronic media, (2) designing and delivering autism-specific professional development opportunities (and maintaining and supporting a cadre of credentialed professional presenters who offer these courses throughout the state), and (3) providing on-site child specific consultations through the use of Missouri Autism Consultants and through district staff who we have trained to be In-district Autism Consultants

To summarize, this is how we can help you, a Missouri public school administrator, teacher, or other professional staff who is providing educational opportunities to children with autism or related developmental disabilities:

  • Project ACCESS assists Local Education Agency (LEA) personnel serving students with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and those exhibiting behaviors characteristic of the target disorders.
  • Project ACCESS educates and trains school district personnel who serve students with autism and related developmental disabilities.
  • Project ACCESS refers professional consultants to school districts desiring on-site child-specific consultations with programming recommendations.