Free Help Setting Up Your Classroom


Structuring Your Autism Classroom for Success


Description: This special opportunity combines project ACCESS training, resources, and support services into one training program. Through this opportunity, teachers will complete a 7-week online training learning antecedent-based interventions that set classrooms up for success from the beginning. Once the training is complete, teachers participate in a make-and-take day in which they will leave with resources ready to be implemented into their classrooms immediately. The final piece of the program includes Project ACCESS staff collaborating with teachers in their classrooms to help setup and prepare for a new school year. The training and necessary materials are FREE!

Qualifications: Interested teachers must be assigned at least two students with autism who are receiving at least 120 minutes of special education services in their classroom. The school district must be within an hour drive from the Missouri State University Campus for the Summer 2021 program. *For the Summer 2022 training, school districts around the state will be considered. 

Summer 2021 Training Program

Applications due: May 1st, 2021

Selection Process: Participants will be selected by a lottery from all of the qualifying applications received.  

Training Requirements: All participants will be required to read and digest two books (to be provided on loan) and complete weekly assigned online modules. The weekly modules include assigned readings, completing guided reading questions, and taking a quiz. Participants must have all training modules completed by July 16 to move on to the next step. Books and online modules will be assigned and available by June 1st. 

Make-and-Take Requirements: Participants must commit to attend one full make-and-take day to create needed classroom materials prior to the classroom design day. 

Classroom Design Day: Successful applicants must be available to meet the PA staff in their classroom during the first week of August 2021. 

Application Process (No longer accepting applications for Summer 2021)

  1.  Submit online application signed by both the applying teacher and their building principal by May 1, 2021.  Successful applicants will be notified by May 14th.

  2. The building principal must agree to the presence of the coaches and observers in the building/classroom during the two assigned workdays. You must check with your administrator to determine if this will be allowed.   

  3. Once notified, successful applicants must notify Project ACCESS of their acceptance by email by May 21st.