FBA Consultation and Training

Functional Behavior Assessment Consulting & Training Model

What is it?

Project ACCESS has a new consulting and training model to train staff in schools to conduct thorough and successful FBA’s. This model is a systematic plan, rolled out in phases that allows educators or school personnel to become experts in their school or district in conducting FBA’s. A Project ACCESS BCBA/Autism Resource Specialist will walk through each step of the model with your staff and will support them through the process with virtual check-in’s, fidelity checks, support for questions and troubleshooting and the implementation process.

Disclaimer: consult services will be on a first come first serve basis with potential for a wait list if the number of requests exceed staff abilities.

How much does it cost?

Project ACCESS is offering this service at a very reasonable rate for your district! We will charge $200 for the in-person half-day consultations but the virtual components will be free of charge.

Why utilize this model?

This model is the best of both worlds for school districts. Many times, districts want people experienced in conducting FBAs to come into their school to support intensive situations, but also want to have their staff qualified to conduct FBAs as needed. This model is a collaboration of both and will train your staff to be the building/district expert along with continued coaching and support.

What does it look like?

The FBA Consulting and Training Model consists of 12 systematic phases including a combination of in- person and virtual consultation. While this training model is a consistent format, the pace and logistics may vary to support individual needs. Please see our Consultation Phases handout for further information.

How do I register for this service?

You can begin this process by filling out the following consultation form and a Project ACCESS staff member will be in contact with you.