Autism Educators Network

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Due to the rapid growth in the numbers of children with autism being served in schools, the Autism Educators Network (AEN) was organized in the spring of 1999 to network key educators involved with students who experience Autism Spectrum Disorder across the state of Missouri. All interested educational professionals are welcome to attend for informative and enjoyable collaboration. Important programming, assessment, resource, and legal issues are among the topics addressed at meetings, both informally through a facilitated discussion, as well via presentations that vary in content. The AEN meetings are not intended to be training sessions, but information dissemination and networking meetings.  

AEN meetings take place twice a year in Jefferson City at the Truman Office Building.  Typically we meet in November and April.  You are invited to attend by Zoom or in person. Complete this registration form to register to attend the next AEN meeting. 

If you would like to join the AEN online community hosted at Missouri State University on the Blackboard CMS, please follow this link to join the Autism Educator Network